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Tea Withering


Place of origin Bengaluru India
Brand name Lorman
Uses/Applications Tea leaves withering
Capacity 100kg/batch
Power 1.5kW 
Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Min Temp 15°C
Max Temp 45°C (Dry Air)
Warranty 12 months
After sales Service provided on site


Tea Withering 

Withering refers to the removal of surface moisture from the tea leaf. This process reduces 10% moisture from tea leaves. In the conventional trough withering process, huge volume of ambient air is used for 16-18 hours per batch. By using Lorman dry air Withering Machine, We can reduce the volume of air, time required and provides better quality of tea leaves for further processing. 


  • Energy saving.  uniform Heating
  • Accurate temperature control.
  • 70%* Cheaper than any other sources of heating.


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