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Conveyor Dehydrators

Place of origin     

Bengaluru India

Brand name            Lorman
Capacity 2000kg to 3000kg/hr


Tea Leaves, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Leaves, Meat, Seafood & Sludge Etc

Power 25kW- 50kW
Voltage 415V, 50Hz
Min Temp 15°C 
Max Temp 75°C
Warranty 12 months
After sales Service provided on site 

Lorman conveyor mesh food dehydrator is automatic continuous drying process machine for large scale production. The automatic conveyor dehydrators are used to transfer heat and remove moisture from the food. There are multiple temperature zones on the conveyor bed. The rotary feeding device evenly spreads the food during drying process ensuring the balanced drying. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted according to the food characteristics.


  • Energy saving.  Uniform Heating
  • Accurate temperature control.
  • 70%* Cheaper than any other sources of heating




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