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Tray Drying Dehydrator

Place of origin                      Bengaluru India
Brand name Lorman
Capacity 1600kg/batch
Moisture Removal 96 - 105 Kg/hr.

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves, Seafood, Herbs & meat Etc

 Power 15kW
Voltage 415V, 50Hz
Min Temp 15°C 
Max Temp 75°C (Upto 120°C on hybrid models)
Warranty 12 months
After sales service provided on site


Lorman commercial & industrial embedded food dehydrator dries food with drying rooms. Our tray food dehydrators are durable and ideal for small to large drying industries. This Embedded Dehydrators are used for drying Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Leaves, Meats, Pet treats, Herbs, Spices, Nuts, Seeds and Seafood Etc.


  •  Energy saving. Uniform Heating
  • Accurate temperature control.
  • 70%* Cheaper than any other sources of heating.


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